Saboteurs in Kiev

Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko flooded Kiev saboteurs internal troops, all of which are mistaken for “titushki” – hired athletes. With their help, the capital of wide-scale military operations and provocation against peaceful protesters. All this is done with the consent of and on behalf of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Frames “storming” the presidential administration on Sunday the first of December (when the “attackers” threw rank internal troops of nowhere holding cobblestones), caused a fuss, we were shown a veteran of internal troops. Commenting on what he saw, he said that just before his eyes he was familiar with the teachings of the service pattern, when part of soldiers, dressed in civilian simulates riots. He thus emphasized that the requirements of tactics when approaching the “crowd” of soldiers with shields, shields should be periodically moved apart, and the resulting gap would have to run out “capture group”, one attacking abstractors and dragged them over immediately shifted back shields for the arrest. This, however, has not been done since arresting their colleagues they, of course, there was no need.

Between the crowd internal troops (in civilian clothes), simulating a hail of stones “attack” on the circuit defenders presidential administration (in full combat uniform), and a handful of onlookers some physical exercises to the point of provocation from the Maidan, were instigators of the “Brotherhood” Korchinskiy headed by their leader. Their mission, according to the think tank for organizing riots entrenched in the “attacked” the presidential administration, was drawn into the events of these protesters, then to provide a pretext for the power of dealing with peaceful protest rally on the Maidan. As we know, they did not work – participants of peaceful protest, using Poroshenko, managed to expose and stop the provocateurs authorities planned bloodshed.

However, it was not clear – to date the president? It was legal to assume that diabolical plan matured in the bowels of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the head Vitaly Zakharchenko, and which are subject to internal forces, and “Berkut”. And the president, in principle, could not be posted. However, hopes were weak: hold military exercises under the walls of the presidential administration (object responsibility of the State Security Service, is not subordinate to anyone except the President) without the knowledge of the president Vitaly Zakharchenko would be very difficult and risky. Clearly would have looked like an attempted coup. But after today’s events in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which made ​​a few dozen, as first stated opposition denounced this plot, “titushki” awl got out of the bag: the output of this group (systems, but in civilian clothes), their commander had to show his ID officer internal troops. And then the secret is out: if frolic outside sensitive sites, even under the pretext of protecting them, the internal forces and could only order one Zakharchenko, the expansion of operations inside the parliament building could not have happened without the knowledge of, orders, commands the president Yanukovych.

Way to recall a few days ago “titushki” (as it was then mistakenly thought) standing suspiciously slender columns in Mariinsky Park, beat reporters there first, and then the police tried to intervene. Even then, it looked strange in any country does not concern the police calmly to attacks on its personnel by civilians. Now it is clear why. Those who were gathered there, were not hired by athletes involved in banditry (so the police would not let her beat), and conscripts from the internal troops of the Ministry of the Interior, by companies lined up on the parade ground under the command of their superiors – all in civilian clothes. Casket just opened.

It is worth noting an important detail: in accordance with the combat routine, internal troops in civilian dress up only during the war, while in enemy territory for sabotage. Thus, for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev area is currently enemy territory in the hands of the enemy. And that part of the internal security forces, which were dressed in civilian apparently preparing to launch in the capital of any diversions. Because nothing else in civilian clothes dress they just do not know how to do. And for subversive activities to teach them and train specifically – is a form of their training.

Reported that prosecutors are investigating the Sunday riots in the street Bankova. The usual way to seek out those with whom then managed to remove the mask and photograph, as is now clear, it is impossible. Police producing their search among the civilian population, nothing ever will. Because you need to look for them in the barracks of internal troops. That’s where they will be found quickly.

Thus, the president there are very serious for us and extremely unpleasant for him questions. The need to delay the signing of an association agreement with the European Union, he explained to us quite convincingly. So now let people explain why in Kiev Vitaly Zakharchenko to his team gave these bloody games. Yanukovych has declared war on the people? Let the right to say about this. We’ve had enough of his demagogy and evasions.

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